G'day and welcome to themobilecoder! I'm Rafael—a professional Android app developer who also makes apps that run on both iPhones and Android phones.

What is themobilecoder?

themobilecoder aims to be a central hub and collection of resources to help you and me become flexible, up-to-date, and better cross-platform mobile app developers.

Our technology focus here is Flutter, so we can develop fast, helpful, and more importantly, beautiful applications that will run on every phone and computer.

This project will only be successful if at least one aspiring mobile developer (excluding myself) has learned a few bits, and has published his or her app.

Who am I?

I am Rafael, the maintainer of themobilecoder. I work as a Senior Android Engineer in one of the most prestigious banks in Australia daily. Outside my day job, I enjoy making free mobile apps and writing up tutorials to give back to the community.

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Get in touch

For whichever reasons you want to reach out to me for content suggestions, feedback, or to say hi 👋🏾, feel free to reach out by email.