Terms of Service

The project themobilecoder is for anyone who wants to learn mobile app development. Here are a few terms that you need to accept and abide by before using this site.


  • When using themobilecoder, you (the user) agree to abide by the terms and conditions on this page.
  • The name themobilecoder shall be named as (the site) or (site) in this document, and the owner TMC Apps shall be named as (the owner) or (owner).
  • The site does not guarantee accuracy and up-to-date details of the tutorials and articles on the site and is merely a guide to help people learn mobile app development.

Terms and conditions

  • The user of the site is responsible for the services, products and information on this website and in the app.
  • The user of the site cannot reproduce any content on the site for selling and distribution for commercial use.
  • When you purchase a service, product, or subscription, you agree to the terms and conditions provided by the corresponding biller. The site is subject to the biller’s terms of service and payment policies, and any refund requests or billing issues should be directed to the biller.
  • Services purchases from the site allow the purchaser to use the said services according to the services' conditions and lifetime
  • A criminal trial will be taken against any unauthorised use of the site, or report of damage resulting from it.

All the contents on this site belong to the owner and are protected under Australian and International copyright laws. No one can copy, modify, reproduce, distribute, republish, display, post, or transmit any part of the app without written permission to tmcappsdev@gmail.com.

  • The owner gives limited permission to access and use the site for personal and professional development only.
  • It does not allow any reproduction, duplicate copy, selling for commercial use, or any part or portion of the site without procuring written consent from tmcappsdev@gmail.com.
  • Any illegal use of the above leads to immediate termination of the license granted to the user regardless of the service being purchased or not.
  • Any damage done to the data, software, computer, or communication by virus, experienced on visiting the site or link, is not the responsibility of the owner.

Termination of services

  • The owner and/or the site have the right to terminate the services with or without giving any reasons.
  • The owner is not responsible for the inaccessibility to this website, or suspension of its services due to unavoidable circumstances.

Too long, didn't read (TLDR)

Please still read the above terms. In summary, only use this site to learn the best things about mobile app development. Do not copy or distribute the contents for commercial use.

The terms here are effective as of June 2023.