My 2024 Plans and Goals for themobilecoder

Coming this 2024 - More articles, a free ebook on Flutter, and an updated Flutter Widget Cheatsheet.

My 2024 Plans and Goals for themobilecoder
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Some of you know that I started as my outlet to learn (and share) anything about mobile app development with Flutter. I usually build Flutter apps to help myself automate repetitive tasks related to my work and life, and I usually write articles about the things I learn whilst building those apps.

I have received some feedback regarding the structure of themobilecoder. The most impactful feedback that I got was about the website not having a clear direction. It would be nice if visitors to the website would find out how and where to start if they want to build apps with Flutter. Currently, themobilecoder has random articles about Flutter.

I want to acknowledge your feedback and suggestions by coming up with a plan of action and goals for 2024.

2024 Goals

I only have 4 goals for themobilecoder this year. I'll be happy if I can do more, but I will try to prioritise these goals first.

📖 Free e-book to learn Flutter from scratch by building a full-fledged app
📑 Improve the free Flutter widget cheat sheet PDF
📝 At least 2 articles/tutorials per month
📝 Write at least 15 articles

📖 Free e-book to learn Flutter from scratch by building a full-fledged app

My main goal this year is to write up a zero-to-hero tutorial for learning Flutter in e-book format. This e-book will guide you to build an app whilst touching on the important aspects of app development.

Everything found in this e-book should be available online across different sources. The difference is I want to make it as accessible to everyone as I can. I believe that having most of the things we need to build an app compiled in one place will drastically speed up the learning process. The only thing to worry about is making the time to read it and build apps with Flutter.

This e-book is nowhere near completion, but I will give updates on when it will be available. All subscribers to will get this for free so stay tuned!

📑 Improve the free Flutter widget cheat sheet PDF

I am currently in the works of building a tool (using Flutter obviously) so I can easily update this PDF and add more common widgets. I made this PDF last year using but it proved to be time-consuming especially if I want to add more content to it.

If you have any suggestions on this, please let me know!

📝 At least 2 articles/tutorials per month

I already failed this goal for January since it is almost February 😅. But this year, I plan to make more time for writing articles and be consistent with it. At the minimum, 1 article every fortnight should be enough.

📝 Write at least 15 articles for the year

15 articles is not a lot, but having more Flutter content is definitely better. I started in June of 2023 last year and was able to write 14 articles until December. I plan to add more Flutter tutorials regarding architecture, patterns, best practices, and the use of popular third-party libraries as these things change very frequently.


To summarise, you can expect more Flutter articles and tutorials in 2024, as well as a free e-book on learning to build an app with Flutter 🔥.

Happy coding!